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Cloud services for
the oil and gas industry

Tetacom cloud solutions for the oil and gas industry help reduce the cost of production of natural energy resources

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Support of geological and
technical measures

Tetacom provides support for drilling, watershut, hydraulic fracturing works in carbonates and terrigens

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About us

Tetacom is an engineering company that performs work from R&D to sales

Our successes

Development of expert level of the company, as well as market trends led to the development of IT direction, thanks to which the Customer has the opportunity to get ready design tools for geological and technical activities, improve efficiency and simplify technological and business processes. Our priority is to create simulators of natural hydrocarbon production processes, allowing to surpass the functionality of foreign analogues, as well as adaptable to different geological and physical conditions

  • 50

    completed R&D for in-house and third-party needs

  • +25

    high-class professionals in the industry who are ready to change the world for the better

  • 310

    wells drilled with our monitoring and analysis tools

  • 42

    software package for drilling monitoring, remedial stimulation and production forecasts

Our team

Марат Ситдиков

Marat Sitdikov

PhD, a professional in the oil and gas industry with nine years of experience. Has 5 years of experience working with major companies in the industry

Гузель Булгакова

Guzel Bulgakova

Author of over 100 scientific papers. Expert in the field of physical and mathematical modeling of underground hydromechanics, geomechanics and thermodynamics of processes in porous medium

Андрей Шарифуллин

Andrew Sharifullin

PhD, Professional in Petroleum Industry with over 13 years of experience with major oil producers Rosneft and Bashneft Leading R&D projects in Company

Татьяна Назарова

Tatiana Nazarova

Project manager with three years of project management experience in the oil and gas industry using Agile and Scrum frameworks

Our products

Oil well acidizing process simulator

  • Toolkit for downloading, processing and interpreting geophysical and geomechanical studies
  • Digital model of injecting process fluids into the reservoir
  • Selection of optimal technical and economic parameters for acid treatment of the bottomhole zone
  • Calibration of the bottomhole treatment design according to the data of test injections
  • Targeted adaptation of remedial stimulation to the operating conditions of oil and gas fields
  • Comprehensive analysis of production and feasibility study of the well before and after remedial stimulation
Fractal Created with the support of the
Fund for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises

Simulator of the process of thermochemical foam-acid treatment on the well

  • Thermobarochemical treatment module in vertical and directional oil and gas wells
  • Оptimization of the process of planning, design and analysis of remedial stimulation
  • Complex mathematical modeling of chemical and thermal processes occurring in the well and reservoir
  • Optimal solutions finding module based on unique high-performance algorithms
  • Accurate predictive economic indicators of remedial stimulation and oil well exploitation
Fractal Created with the support of the
Fund for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises


8 (800) 250-02-24
Ufa, st. Karl Marx, 44, office 46


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